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Mowgli, 7 yr old Dalmation, Ou Baholyodhin & Erez Yardeni

A while ago our 7 year old Dalmation suffered from severe chronic back pain and was unable to run or climb stairs, he was generally depressed and often looked sad, and his well being was on a gradual but continual decline.

After consultation with several veterinary specialists we were referred to a veterinary surgeon, who immediately ran an MRI scan. The results showed four slipped discs, a condition which we were told could only be remedied by major intrusive surgery.

Although by undergoing this surgery our dog’s life was under some risks, the surgery could not guarantee any improvement to his condition, however permanent paralysis was a possibility.

Fearing the possible irreversible damage or worst still, death, to our pet, we explored alternative medicine for our dog. We found Alastair Greenway’s contact details via the veterinary acupuncture association.

It was very easy to make an appointment, and home visits meant avoiding the usual fear and trauma associated with veterinary practices. After the first treatment the condition improved dramatically. Our dog became immediately more cheerful and active, and after several treatments all signs of pain disappeared.

Our dog has now regained full health and seems completely revitalised. Alastair has given him a new lease of life, and we are eternally grateful for his help.

Rooney, 18 month old German Shepherd, Mrs Hayes

Rooney is my 18 month old GSD. He began experiencing problems with OCD as a puppy. This affected his elbows and both hocks. He became lame and was having restricted lead exercise. At 6 months old he had an operation to remove bone from his elbow. You can imagine what it was like, enforcing restricted exercise on a young pup. I began reading about holistic therapies and decided upon acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Following surgery, I contacted Alastair at GVA and arranged for him to visit us and see if acupuncture would work for Rooney.

At the very first visit, Rooney recieved treatment and responded by falling into a very relaxed state while the needles were in place, (this was indicated in the books I had read). I was so amazed. Rooney recieved weekly treatments and each time (and still) falls into a deeply relaxed state during the treatment.

Very quickly his body responded, his surgery recovered very quickly, the swelling and inflammation to his hocks subsided. Very shortly after beginning treatment, Rooney was able to run freely.

Rooney is now 18 months old and recieves treatment every 6 – 8 weeks. He can run like a greyhound and leaps high in the air to catch his ball as if he has springs in his back legs. He is a very happy and active dog. I truly believe his recovery was hastened and improved by the acupuncture. 

Rooney, myself and family would like to thank Alastair and Claire for being very caring people

Zara, 14 yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Caitlin McKenna

When my 13 year old staff was struck down with spondylitis, I was devastated and couldn’t bear the thought that she might live out her usually active life in pain. She was put on painkillers which would help in the short term, but long term  I was told nothing could be done. However, by chance I came across Alastair at Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture who was offering acupuncture for pets. Although a great believer for humans I was sceptical when it came to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier! Nevertheless, I can say hand on heart it has changed her life (and mine). Although it didn’t happen overnight, the benefits have been nothing short of amazing. Zara is now extremely active, back to chasing cats, squirrels and foxes with a typically huge Staffy smile and noone can believe she is 14. I highly recommend and endorse Alastair and Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture to anyone who wants to maximise the life of their pet.

Baggy, 15 yr old Domestic Short Haired Cat, Ian Campbell-Gray

When our 15 year old cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure two years ago, he was prescribed daily medication. The tablets helped to a certain extent, but he suddenly started to look and behave like an ‘old’ cat, and I felt his quality of life was slowly deteriorating.

Despite my initial scepticism regarding alternative therapies, I had heard excellent reports about Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture, and I was prepared to try anything to help Baggy, so I arranged a consultation.

The results were astounding! After only one session, Baggy shook off his lethargy and actually began to bat a ping pong ball around our living room! This new found playfulness continued, and I noticed other differences, including an increased appetitie, improved coat condition, and a sudden desire to go into the garden and bask in the sun.

I was worried he would not sit still, but my fears were unfounded, as soon as the first needle was inserted, Baggy became extremely relaxed and began to purr. By the time the needles were removed he was almost asleep.

He now has monthly sessions and happily snoozes away on Alastairs knee during his treatment.

My initial cynicism has been completely dispelled , and I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to anyone. An added bonus  is that all treatments are in our home, so Baggy is subjected to far fewer stressful visits to the vets!

Dieta, 2 yr old Munsterlander
, Mrs Helen Dorman

I have a 2 year old Munsterlander who at the age of 10 months started showing signs of movement problems.  It is only because she is shown that these problems became apparent.  During normal day to day life there was nothing obvious.  So we trotted off to the vets, as one does.  They could not find any obvious reason for the problem.  

The vet offered to give the dog an even more thorough examination under anaesthetic, so while she was in having her hips scored, this is what was done.  Again no obvious reason for the problem. Hips are good and she has full range of movement in all joints.

During this time I had been visiting a canine chiropractor that had previously treated with great success another dog.  Unfortunately this time it did not seem to help.

Eventually I asked my vet to refer me to a specialist.  Again during examination there was no obvious sign of discomfort, it was only when they took an x-ray of her spine that the problem came to light.  Unfortunately the problem is not severe enough to risk surgery.  I came home wondering what to do and having mulled it over for a while thought about acupuncture.  It had worked for me so why not a dog.  I got on to the internet thinking it would be easy to find someone. How wrong I was, however I eventually came across the Greenway site.  I liked the fact that they were prepared to visit the dog in their own home.  I made arrangements for them to visit.  No promises were made but on examination I was told that acupuncture would probably work.  This all started in Jan 2004 and I am delighted with the result.  The dog in question is back in the show ring and being placed.   You have nothing to lose but plenty to gain. I would advise anyone to try acupuncture for their pets. 

Chrissie, 11 yr old Labrador, Mrs Margot Gough

I had (please note the word “had”), a badly limping and timid 11? year old Labrador Bitch. I now have an energetic, pain free and happy beautiful girl.

It is wonderful for us all. Thanks to our very super Alastair and his needles!

Ruby, 11 yr old Springer Spaniel, Mrs Simons

Acupuncture has helped Ruby, my Springer Spaniel to lead a happier life. She is 11 years old and suffers from arthritis of her back and rear legs. Since the treatment, her stiffness has loosened and she can run more freely as a Spaniel should.

Her life has improved and so has her temper and she is now much more sociable with other dogs.

Daisy, 2 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Melissa Dulling

Treating Miss Daisy, aged 2 and a quarter…..

My dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very sweet natured dog, loves to run flat out in the woods chasing squirrels and birds, but we noticed that occasionally she would stop, squeal and start chasing her tail and then would spend some time chewing her leg. This didn’t happen on a frequent basis, but we felt we should wait and talk to the vet when she was an adult, particularly as she had been cleared of any hip problems when a young pup. As she was getting her pet passport and needed visits to our local vet, I asked Alastair (who worked there as a locum at the time) to check her hips out. Xrays revealed a slight dysplasia and also the kind of ‘knock Knee’ syndrome that a lot of small dogs suffer.

I have a neighbour who has a ageing dog who seems to respond well to acupuncture and so set it up with Alastair 6 months ago in 2004. Daisy doesn’t seem to mind the needles and we have definitely seen an improvement in her mobility – something we can keep to a manageable level as she gets older, with some physiotherapy on the side to make sure her knees remain strong and healthy.

Alastair has always been very honest and open with me and I know that daisy trusts him instinctively, otherwise she’d be out of the back door faster than a rat up a sewer!

I’d recommend Alastair to anyone worried about reduced mobility or other health problems; if acupuncture isn’t right, he’ll point you in the right direction.

Toby, 11 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mrs Davidson

My dog Toby is an 11 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is rather large for his breed. Thanks to acupuncture he still thinks he is a small young dog!

He has been receiving acupuncture for arthritis of his spine. Before we tried acupuncture he was often on painkillers, which we know are not beneficial for long periods. He is now able to move around quite freely without painkillers, and as an owner I am more than grateful that our pet,who is a member of the family, does not need them.

Alastair treats Toby with great care and love. We are truly grateful for all he does for Toby, who always manages to greet Alastair as an old friend. He doesn’t have any problems having the needles inserted, in fact he sits there quite happily whilst I make the coffee (white no sugar!)

Alastair arrives with a big smile and is always polite and helpful, you can always ask him for advice and he never laughs at our questions. He has been treating Toby for several years and has now become a great friend.

I have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture for your pet, and if you are worried about your pet not liking the needles, I can assure you they will be made comfortable. If like many people you do not like needles, he will put you at ease too!

Tara, 11yr old Leonberger, Brian and Lois Piercy

“Our Leonberger Bitch Tara”

A year ago at the age of 10 years, which is an advanced age for the breed, our Leonberger bitch Tara developed spondylitis. This caused a reduction in her mobility, which resulted in increasingly weak back legs due to loss of muscle tone. Acupuncture ameliorated the painful symptoms of this condition and is still doing so a year later. This in turn created a significant and measurable increase in mobility. We have the graphs to prove it. The resulting capability for the dog to maintain her normal daily exercise, has prolonged her life significantly.

GVA has a brilliant vet, with a bedside manner that our dog loves. He sticks pins in her and she doesn’t mind a bit!

Molly, 9 yr old Border Collie Cross, Mr Ian Dovell

Molly developed arthritis in her back legs over recent years, and her mobility and enthusiasm for exercise diminished. even with the daily dose of anti-inflammatory drugs it was clear that she was still in some discomfort.

After three of Alastair’s acupuncture sessions, her mobility, confidence and zest for life returned.

Daisy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
, Mr Chris Purkiss

By Christmas 2006 it was obvious that there was something very wrong with Daisy our beloved Staffie who was twelve. Daisy was losing co-ordination in her rear legs and frequently falling over. It was very distressing to see.

She had become progressively wobbly on her legs over the preceding weeks and despite hydrotherapy helping to some extent; that Christmas she showed a very marked deterioration.

An MRI scan of her spine revealed severe arthritic changes, which were the cause of her problems. We were told that sooner rather than later Daisy would be completely paralyzed in her rear legs and would have to be put to sleep.

This was devastating news. Daisy was still so full of life despite being an elderly lady and we determined to see what alternative therapies there were which might help. After a thorough trawl of the Internet, I contacted Alistair Greenway, a veterinary acupuncturist who operates a home visit service within the M25 area.

Alistair was incredibly positive and had a fantastic ?way? with Daisy who was not the most tolerant of dogs when it came to any kind of medical intervention. In the end she would get herself into position for her treatment as soon as he arrived.

The treatments, which consisted of the needles being positioned along her spine according to where Alistair detected tenderness or stiffness lasted about half an hour and seemed to cause Daisy a minimal amount of discomfort. Afterwards she tended to sleep deeply for a while.

The results were dramatic. Daisy regained much of her mobility and her monthly treatments with Alistair maintained her in a pain free condition.

Based on our experience I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough. It gave our lovely girl more than two years of good quality life, which she would otherwise have been deprived of.

  • positive review  Alastair has been treating our 14 year old, arthritic Maine Coon cat for several months and I always see a massive difference in him after the acupuncture. His mobility significantly increases and he generally seems calmer and in less pain. He genuinely loves Alastair and will sit on his lap and purr away during treatments! Never seen anything like it!

    Helen Saini Avatar Helen Saini
    November 8, 2020

    positive review  My dogs love their treatments, and are always so excited to see Alistair. They are completely relaxed during and afterwards.Highly recommended!

    Ruth Hajioff Avatar Ruth Hajioff
    January 27, 2020

    positive review  Greenaway look after my Golden Retriever, George and since he has been having acupuncture with Alastair, he has been so much better. Alastair comes to the house, is always punctual and George loves seeing him. Alastair is very kind and patient and the treatment is enormously effective. I recommend Greenway very highly.

    Deborah Stone Avatar Deborah Stone
    December 3, 2019

    positive review  Alistair from Greenway Vets has been coming out to treat our dog Molly since June. She was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia back in May and needed some quite extensive elbow surgery. Acupuncture has gone a long way to aid her recovery and tho she found the process a bit strange initially, she fell asleep in her last session! Alistair has also been so kind and has advise to offer and has kept us positive when we needed support the most. We would highly recommended Greenway Vets, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

    Megan Rorke Avatar Megan Rorke
    September 3, 2019
  • positive review  Claire and Alastair have given acupuncture to my dog for the past year now on a regular basis. I have found that it really helps with my dog’s arthritis. They are both pleasant, flexible and caring towards my concerns about my dog.

    Alison Wacker Avatar Alison Wacker
    June 4, 2019

    positive review  Claire has provided us with expert support, for two of our ageing Dalmatians, as they experienced increasing difficulties with their mobility and regrettably approached the end of their time with us, over a period of 2 years. Their pain control was always expertly and patiently administered at all times. It was obviously completed highly competently, yet it was done with compassion and emotion at all times. We both highly recommend the Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture services, based on our experience, and with the professional support from our Vet, who provided the principal care and medication.

    Philip Holmes Avatar Philip Holmes
    May 6, 2019

    positive review  I don't know what I would do without Greenway! My dog Bronte has thrived under treatment with Claire and am so grateful for their care!

    Meghan Cannarella Avatar Meghan Cannarella
    March 6, 2019

    positive review  Alastair has been treating my cat Precious who has degenerative arthritis for the last few months and he has been absolutely fantastic!! He is so relaxed, calm and kind with him and the results have been great. Precious even relaxes during his treatments which is very surprising for a feisty ginger boy :-)) I've also learned a lot more on what to do to support P through painful flare ups and recognise the signs when they are coming. I can't recommend Alastair and Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture highly enough. Thank you so much !!!

    Nicola Woods Avatar Nicola Woods
    February 25, 2019
  • positive review  Alistair has been treating my dogs for the last 12 years and the beneficial effects have been amazing. My previous dog Daisy was given two years extra mobility after she developed paralysis in her hind legs due to spinal degeneration and she went on to the ripe old age of sixteen; and my current dog Lily has been having treatment since she hurt her back more than two years ago. Great believer in acupuncture as with animals it cannot be a placebo effect! Cannot recommend Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture highly enough

    Christopher Richard Purkiss Avatar Christopher Richard Purkiss
    February 15, 2019

    positive review  Dr Greenway was gentle and calming and immediately put my dog at ease. She seemed to enjoy her treatment and was super relaxed and very chilled for an hour or so afterwards. Thoroughly recommend. Great service.

    Lucy Brosé Avatar Lucy Brosé
    January 15, 2019

    positive review  Milo, my Tibetan Terrier, as been having acupuncture by Alistair for over two years, with wonderful results giving him excellent mobility. Alistair is calm and professional and Milo behaves very well provided he gets his treats during treatment! We are so grateful to Alistair for his dedication to helping Milo.

    Linda Levetan Avatar Linda Levetan
    December 17, 2018

    positive review  Nobody can fool a cat. Human companions of cats will tell you how the cat only responds positively to friends, and our cats absolutely love, and loved, both Claire and Alastair. In their acupuncture sessions both sat - and Magic still sits - happily like purring porcupines and always feel happy and relaxed after a session. Tui was a sensible cat who realised that the needles were doing her good. Magic needed to be convinced at first but willingly allowed his mother to convince him. Alastair and Claire are gentle, compassionate and thoroughly efficient, and get really lovely results, so five stars, licks and fishes for both

    Ingrid Collins Avatar Ingrid Collins
    December 15, 2018
  • positive review  Like many others here, I have been using Greenway for many years now. Alistair has been looking after 4 of my elderly cats. His knowledge goes far beyond what is expected from a veterinarian, and his approach to even my feral cats is simply incredible. We are beyond grateful to him for helping our kitties, and we always look forward to our conversations about feline health.

    Marta Woźniak Guinan Avatar Marta Woźniak Guinan
    October 18, 2018

    positive review  Alistair has treated our dog for the past 8 years with acupuncture (and still is), she has arthritis and suffers from tight muscles. This has made a big difference to her mobility and prevention of aches and pains and simply quality of life, esp now our girl is getting older. Can’t recommend highly enough.

    Anna Wijkman Avatar Anna Wijkman
    October 10, 2018

    positive review  Alastair has been our Acupuncture Vet 14 years. He looked after Molly, my beloved Mini Bull from the the age of three until days before she passed. Now Alastair helps my ETT Mr Binks who only has one hip. Cannot recommend Alastair and the benefits of Acupuncture enough! 👌❤️

    Anna Webb Avatar Anna Webb
    October 5, 2018

    positive review  Alastair and Clare have been visiting my spaniel Charlie for two years now. During that time I have seen a great improvement in his health and mobility. I am always 100% happy with their service and would definitely recommend them.

    Deborah Peacock Avatar Deborah Peacock
    October 1, 2018
  • positive review  Greenway provide an excellent service. I have been using them for many years and am always 100% happy with their service. Highly recommended

    Deborah Colella Avatar Deborah Colella
    September 24, 2018

    positive review  I think it proves that acupuncture works. Although my cat doesn't enjoy it, she ALWAYS benefits from it. Alastair and Claire are brilliant.

    Ali Lyon Avatar Ali Lyon
    September 19, 2018

    positive review  My little Westie is suffering from meningitis and is on very strong meds. We have been having acupuncture for a little over a month and each time a saw a small but noticeable improvement. A few weeks ago my dog just stopped eating and I had to syringe feed her. After Claire's treatment she had a little food but we had to go back to syringe feed. A few days later Claire did another session of acupuncture. After she left, my dog ran into the kitchen and demanded food - she hasn't stopped eating since. I highly recommend Claire. I am sure that my dog would not have improved so quickly if she hadn't had acupuncture.

    Christina Smith Avatar Christina Smith
    September 19, 2018

    positive review  We have used Greenway Veterinary Acupuncture for many many years and not only have they extended the lives of our 2 dogs beyond belief with the amazing treatment they give, they are reliable, punctual and more important the dogs love them who are putty in their hands! If any of the dogs we have now should show any signs of muscle stress or walking issues, we would not hesitate to call them to our home. Sue and Steve Fenton

    Sue Fenton Avatar Sue Fenton
    September 18, 2018
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