COVID-19 / Coronavirus Biosecurity Protocol
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Biosecurity Protocol

    As veterinary surgeons we have a duty to protect human health in addition to our commitment to animal health and welfare. We risk-assess on a case-by-case basis and are very grateful to our clients for helping to keep us, their fellow pet-owning community and wider public safe, whilst allowing us to keep pets comfortable and pain-managed.


    To guard against the spread of infectious agents, we undertake the following and greatly appreciate your co-operation.

    Prior to our appointment with you

    • We will re-schedule if we have had COVID19 symptoms and/or received a positive COVID19 test within the 10 days prior and/or we have been instructed to isolate by NHS Test and Trace or COVID19 NHS App.
    • We will re-schedule if anyone in our household has had COVID19 symptoms and/or received a positive COVID19 test within the 14 days prior.
    • Likewise, please inform us if you or your household meet the above criteria so we can reschedule and review your pet’s immediate needs/discuss alternatives to ensure the continuity of care and welfare of your pet.
    • We are using the COVID19 NHS app, both in and out of work, so we can act immediately with regards to a COVID19 contact alert if we receive one.

    What to expect when the vet arrives

    • We thoroughly sanitise with anti-viral gel just prior to entry into your home.
    • We wear single-patient scrub tops, single-use gloves and surgical masks on entry into your home and to treat your pet (as per British Veterinary Association standards advice).
    • Our equipment, including mobile phones, is regularly wiped down with sanitising agent throughout the day between client houses.

    During the consultation/treatment

    Each individual pet and household scenario is different but the order of preference to maintain social distancing is:

    1. Treatment outdoors or just indoors, adjacent to open external door
    2. Indoors with owner in a different room (when pet knows us and comfortable alone)
    3. Owner in same, well ventilated room at >2m, with face-covering
    4. Owner required to hold/steady pet for the minimum period of time – owner wears face-covering, vet additionally wears face/eye shield


    • Unfortunately, at this time, we have to refuse all our clients’ kind offers of cups of tea or coffee, but we appreciate the thought!

    Clinically vulnerable clients / household members

    We ask that all clients discuss prior to booking appointments if someone in the household is clinically vulnerable or in the higher-risk age bracket.

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